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Mind and Body Sunrise Sessions

Hosted by Healthy by Association

The mind and body connection is often overlooked when thinking about innovation. Physical movement and healthy eating prepare us to be present and start our day with energy and intention. Movement stimulates the brain—namely the hippocampus—in important ways. Its benefits are associated with things like improved divergent and convergent thinking, which are considered the two components of creative thinking and perfect for maximizing your experiences throughout the event as you discover innovative solutions. 

Exercise does not have to mean a strenuous workshop. The sunrise sessions are designed to “wake up” your mind and body and prepare you for a great day of learning. Join us for a fun and engaging early-morning start to the day! Space for each session is limited to 20 people.  Please reserve your spot here.

Monday, March 2
7:00 - 8:00 a.m.

Downtown Salt Lake City Walking Tour
Attending conferences should not mean you never leave the hotel or meeting room! Join us for an early morning walking tour of the nearby area. Wake up your body and explore Salt Lake City with us! (We will take a different route each day)

Mark White, senior vice president, Visit Salt Lake

The Complete Office Workout
Sitting is the silent killer and for many, we do it ALL DAY long at our jobs. Join us for this Sunrise Session where we will take you through a series of exercises, including desk yoga and other stretches that you can do right at your desk. Learn easy techniques to keep your body and brain moving throughout the day. (No prior workout experience is necessary).

Ben Rome, manager, marketing, AIHA
Jim Thompson, CAE, IOM, Capital Hill Management Services, Inc. 

Tuesday, March 3
7:00 - 8:00 a.m.

Downtown Salt Lake City Walking Tour 
Join us for day two of an early morning walking tour of the nearby area. In this walking tour, we will incorporate body weight exercises along the way.  We will get your heart racing, give you some great workout ideas for when you are on the road and allow you to explore more of Salt Lake City with us! (We will take a different route each day)

Jim Thompson, CAE, IOM, Capital Hill Management Services, Inc.

Healthy Eating on the Road
For many of us who are always on the go, the stress-riddled association and hospitality industries can, at times, result in less healthy choices when it comes to nutrition (which may result in no/low energy and lack of focus, along with even more serious health concerns like high blood pressure and cholesterol). During this interactive and informative session, we’ll explore the top reasons we slip into unhealthy habits, what it might look like to adopt a more positive mindset shift around food, ideas and modifications for eating healthy plated and buffet meals on the road, and recommendations for sourcing the best airport and convenience store snacks.

Sinead Urwin, M.A., Functional Medicine Nutritionist
Aaron Wolowiec, MSA, CAE, chief executive officer, Event Garde

About the Host Organization

Healthy By Association (HBA) convenes a vast online network of high achievers who wish to invest in their health and wellness – for themselves, their members and their attendees. Most #HBAgoalgetters also work in the association and hospitality industries, so they understand how the pressure of juggling a jam-packed schedule of meetings, events and travel often interferes with maintaining a healthy lifestyle (including nutrition, fitness and wellbeing). As a result, this community is in a unique position to offer encouragement and advice as we all collectively strive to prioritize self-care and seek more balance in our lives. Although the journey may not always be easy, it is worth it. And through it all, HBA stands ready to share in your successes and to cheer you on when the going gets tough.