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What is Attendee Experience Mapping, aka the ExperienceGuru program?
ASAE’s Meetings & Expositions (M&E) Section Council is focused on developing methods to improve the meeting experience. To that end, the Council formulated a tool that allows associations to map the experience of their attendees' onsite, during the meeting, in real time. Unlike traditional post-show surveys, this method allows associations to change attendees experiences mid-meeting and offer real time solutions to attendee issues.

How did this come about?
Inspired by one of our council members whose title recently changed from Meeting Planner to Event Producer, we started to think about meeting planning differently. It’s not just about logistics; it’s about creating an exceptional experience for attendees. How do you track how the meeting is going for your attendees throughout the whole event? Through a Customer Journey Map.

What is a Customer Journey Map?
Often used by Fortune 500 Companies, Customer Journey Maps allow you to walk in the shoes of your customer by traveling with them as they interact with your company. They provide an accurate outside-in view, focusing on desired outcomes from the customer’s perspective. (Michael Hinshaw, 2012). They help illustrate individual customer’s needs, interactions that are necessary to fulfill those needs, and the resulting emotional states a customer experiences throughout the process. (Joel Flom, 2011)

How can we take this concept and turn it into a model that would be helpful for associations & meeting planners to assess their own meetings and plan more successful ones in the future? The M&E Council is using Customer Journey Maps as a guide to create our own model for associations and meeting planners; thus “ExperienceGuru”.

How can I help participate?
We launched our initial beta test of ExperienceGuru at the 2014 Great Ideas Conference and the results were fantastic!  We’ve continued using ExperienceGuru at many of our major meetings and have been fine tuning along the way. Participants receive approximately 20–25 total text messages during the Conference prompting them to fill out a VERY brief and simple survey about their experience at the conference. Participants will also receive 1–3 brief surveys (1 question each) post show as part of this project. You can choose to become a participant during the registration process. If you have already registered, just send us an email at and we will be happy to include you.

What technology are you using for this project?
We worked with a company called to develop ExperienceGuru. is a web-based Audience Response System which allows attendees to interact with presenters in real-time, right from their mobile device. The team are experts in terms of audience engagement and real-time interaction, so they were able to take the core concept of their response system and re-design it into the ExperienceGuru software.

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