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2020 Suggested Proposal Topics


1. Next Gen Strategic Planning

  • What will strategic planning look like in the future?
  • What are some good case examples of open-minded, forward-thinking and culture-focused strategic planning processes?

2. The Evolution of Marketing & Communications

  • How are marketing & communications evolving to meet the changing association?
  • How do we assess ROI and value as associations evolve?

3. Successful Gamification Initiatives

  • Explore Gamification Initiatives that have achieved success in elevating association mission, membership models, meetings, etc.

4. Fostering the Ideology of Change Through Intrapersonal Leadership

  • How do you communicate change and implement new ideas from within yourself, organization and outward?
  • How is this change sustainable?

5. Budget Foresight & Strategy: Being Fiscally Creative

  • How can budgets help with strategic planning?
  • How can budgets be strategic, nimble and support change?

6. Crafting Unique Networking Events

  • Utilize new formats to encourage networking

7. Redefining Membership and Community

  • How can we transition from old membership models?
  • How can we break down norms around membership to broaden engagement?
  • Explore new membership models such as “freemium” and other experiments to see what‘s working.

8. Leading from the Middle

  • Is it possible for middle-managers to be change-agents in structures that are top-heavy?

9. Agile Methodology

  • Define and demonstrate why an Agile Methodology is a critical tool for Association Management.

10. Using Budget Constraints to Foster Innovation

  • Creative solutions usually come from a great desire for an outcome in spite of a lack of resources. Use this natural instinct intentionally to foster innovation.

11. Fostering Failure

  • It’s hard for an organization that is doing well to become more successful, but when an organization is in “succeed or die” mode, failure can beget success.

12. Change Culture to Cultivate Innovation

  • Which comes first – changing culture to allow innovation or innovating to change culture?

13. Are you using people to their fullest potential?

  • Harnessing employee strengths and diversity to cultivate innovation.

14. Collective Intelligence

  • Explore research around collective intelligence and its potential impact on staff culture
  • Utilize suggested research by Steven Johnson and/or Mark Moffett about the behavior of Ants.

15. Employee Satisfaction as a Competitive Advantage

  • When staff feel safe and supported, they are more committed to organizational mission and success.

16. Using Data as a Change Agent

  • Using data analytics, predictive models and active listening to drive change and innovation.

17. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Association Space

  • Explore competition and market share trends, practicalities and benefits of Association Mergers.

18. What can Associations learn from Amazon?

  • Learn from Amazon (on a smaller scale) about lessons learned regarding designing customer-friendly processes, and new membership models.

19. Using AI to Harness the Wisdom of the Crowd

  • Explore practices of swarm technology in generating and selecting ideas
  • Resources may include Unanimous AI /Louis Rosenberg

20. Guiding Principles for Innovation

  • Provide an overview of Innovation Theory and Practice

21. The Impact of AI on the Association Workplace

  • Go beyond hypothetical to explore actual case examples of the potential impact of AI on Association practice.

22. Emotions of Change

  • What are the emotional stages of change and their impact on work culture and productivity?

23. Technology Innovations on a Budget

  • Case examples of budget-friendly technology that has positively impacted Associations

24. Growth mindset vs. Fixed mindset

  • Explore the positive and negative implications of growth vs. fixed mindset among staff and volunteers and the potential for innovation within these frameworks.

25. Unconscious Bias

  • Explore the impact of unconscious bias on work culture

26. Reframing your Perspective using Empathy

  • What does a Design Thinking mindset look like when Empathy is at its core?

27. Create an Equity Task Force

  • How do we put Equity front and center and design meaningful change?
  • How does age impact how we view Equity?
  • What does current legislation say about Equity and how does that inform our processes?