Call for Proposals - 2018 Great Ideas Conference
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2019 Great Ideas Call for Content Leaders


Content Leader Nomination Form

Closes: October 1, 2018, 11:59 p.m. ET

Use this form (by clicking the start button below) to nominate a content leader for the ASAE Great Ideas Conference.

ASAE is seeking content leaders to facilitate knowledge transfer and development of new competencies for innovation. Thank you in advance for your time and thought leadership. Please review these quick links before you get started:

ASAE's flagship innovation conference for the association community has been gradually evolving. Over the past few years we’ve tested new features, formats, and focus areas both inside and outside the traditional conference classroom. These member-centered and intentional changes are the result of a wide range of inputs including observational studies, diverse workgroups, data analysis of over 10 years of data, prototyping, testing, satisfaction feedback, iteration, inspiration, and more.

About the new process

We aim to challenge conventions with new perspectives, explore macro trends and major shifts on the horizon, and celebrate models of innovation in practice both inside and outside the association industry. Each attendee will leave with an enhanced capacity to innovate from discovery and ideation to testing and implementation. To meet this challenge, we worked with the Program Advisory Committee to redesign our approach to conference content. In short, we flipped the traditional CFP on its head. How it works:


Our traditional call for educational session proposals (CFP)—which widely solicited presentation proposals and combined input from peer reviewers, volunteer leaders on the advisory committee, and professional staff—has ceased to meet attendee needs, which left us with an unexpected opportunity to redesign conference content with a new approach.

Call for Nominations

New this year, we’ll use a proactive strategy to inform our content development and ensure the conference content is unique, impactful, and solidly aligned with core competencies of innovation and leadership.

Staff, volunteer leaders on the advisory committee, and other subject matter experts in design thinking and innovation have evaluated the documented member needs related innovation. They combined these learnings with their deep expertise and experience to design most of the program content (i.e. Idea Labs and Workshops) intentionally and from scratch.


Available sessions are pre-designed!

The sessions are listed in the 2019 Session Prototypes PDF and include a title, abstract, learning outcomes and learning level.  

In a “flipped” approach to the traditional method, we are widely soliciting nominations (self nominations and/or nominations of others) of experts from the association community (associations, consultancies, partners, suppliers) to teach the predetermined Workshops and Idea Labs that are most needed in the 2019 conference program.

Selection Process

The Program Advisory Committee will collaborate with professional staff to prioritize content leader nominations. Invitations will be extended in early November and will be forfeit if not accepted within 2 weeks.

Criteria for faculty selection includes:

  • Depth of Subject Matter Expertise;
  • Relevance of Professional Experience;
  • Teaching and/or Public Speaking Skills

ASAE professional learning staff will collaborate with confirmed content leaders to refine session protoypes and will support their instructional design and preparation leading up to the event.

Join the Great Ideas Conference faculty and use your expertise to raise the collective capacity for innovation in our community, helping associations become stronger, more resilient, and have a greater impact on society.

Important Dates

Please note these key dates for planning purposes:

  • Nomination Deadlines: Monday, October 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET

  • Content Leader Invitations: November 9, 2018

  • Content Leader Agreements Executed: November 28, 2018

  • Session Materials Due: February 15, 2019

    Questions, Ideas, Feedback?
    Please contact the learning director, Michelle Kudrin  ( or call (202) 326-9575) anytime.

    Do you have a brilliant idea for a session that is not listed among these options? If it would enhance individual or organizational success in innovation by tackling Change Management, modeling Curiosity, Creativity, Foresight, Data Literacy, Empathy and fostering Enterprising, Iterative, Resilient association leadership, we’d love to hear about it, just send your pitch directly to Michelle (to include your proposed title, abstract and learning outcomes) before October 1st.

    NOTE: To access the system, please have your current ASAE account email and password ready.  If this is your first time applying to be a content leader, leave the email and password fields blank and click "search" to start a new registration.  

    Please select only one session title for each nomination. Upon successful submission you will receive an email notification. Please retain this for your records.